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Services For Refined Clothing Style

Custom Tailoring
Each client will have a pattern created uniquely for them. After the initial garment is made, future garments are perfected by subtle tweaks and adjustments made to the pattern so the fit of all your garments are exactly the way you want them each and every time.

We are full service and we will be pleased to alter and adjust any garment in your closet. It is our goal to help you build and maintain a wardrobe that fits and gives you the confidence you originally sought when you purchased the garment.

Home and Office
Jesse Lancaster, Owner, spends most of his day doing exactly this – seeing clients in their homes or offices and helping them select and coordinate outfits for the upcoming season. On average, Jesse sees three clients in the morning and three clients in the afternoon. It’s quick, easy, painless, fun, and very efficient. Most men enjoy the convenience of having the store brought to them.

Closet and Wardrobe
For the man who is completely overwhelmed by an overstuffed or an outdated closet, we are glad to help you reclaim your closet. We will help you keep and coordinate what is still current and make recommendations about what should go. It is very fun and freeing experience and one of the most appreciated services we provide.